[ Milo Sedlacek ]

Some would say the best qbasic programmer that ever lived, died on September 24th, 1998 at around 1:00 PM EST of leukemia.

I, personaly, never knew him in real life, but from what i hear and by talking to him a lot on irc, he can only be one of the nicest people on the planet. On the internet, we were great pals, and a lot of people liked him. I feel deeply sorry for Milo's family, Ryan Ross, and all the others who were personaly close to him.

Milo Sedlacek, we all thank you for your work and service to us on this earth, helping the qb newbies, giving advice, and just being a great freind to talk to. Your programming skills awed us all at one time or another and we would like to share what you have done by spreading the good you brought. Please download his projects that i have gathered from various places here [Gradius.ZIP, 160k].