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This download page is a collection of all programs found that can be attributed to Milo Sedlacek. We have placed them here so that people may learn about Milo's genius, and about the truly advanced coding techniques that he used. Note that if you want to rip his code, there is nothing stopping you apart from the complexity and your concience. Gradius was a very humble and generous person, always willing to help, with amazing resources of patience. He has been known to work with someone for hours on end on their projects (see Apester's IRC logs), and it would be sad to see his work stolen so blatantly. But some of his routines were released to the public for the purpose of being used by everyone, such as the FMPIPES routines. If you do use them, please give him credit, or you will be plagued by pangs of concience for the rest of your life.

That done with, here are the files:
BEAR1.ZIP A text based adventure game that he made, with excellent music. It makes use of the FMPIPES routines to provide an ambience that is somewhat surreal. The story is short, but the engine is incredible. If you have ever enjoyed playing adventure games, then you are sure to find this interesting.
DRAW92.ZIP An excellent drawing program. I can't figure out how to use it, but I'm sure it can be done =} Saves/loads *.IMG files.
DRAW93.ZIP A more recent drawing program, loosely based on DRAW92. This one makes use of 256-color screen mode instead of the 16-color one that DRAW92 uses. The control set has been vastly expanded to the point where just looking at it reminds me a bit of AutoCAD (for those who don't know, AutoCAD is EXTREMELY cryptic until you have used it for a bit). Saves/loads *.IMX files.
FMPIPES.ZIP The FMPIPES routines - a fairly complex event-based FM music & sound system for the soundblaster, written in 100% QB code. The only drawback as I see it, is that the speed of music is controlled by how often you call the procedure to continue playing, and it is almost impossible to keep this uniformly 60 times per second, which is the optimum speed for the *.FMP files.
GMARIO.ZIP This is a kind of "Christmas Special" that Gradius coded up. It's a graphics engine kinda similar to the Nintendo Mario series, with parallax scrolling, snow in the foreground, angled surfaces that you can walk up, etc. Very well done, in my opinion.
LOADPCX.ZIP This is a set of routines for loading PCXs and series of PCX files. I haven't actually looked at it yet, myself, but I have heard that it can display as many as 70 fullscreen PCX files per second (wow!).
MONOSPAC.ZIP - Monospace The famous Monospace, the game that made him famous, as far as I can tell. This awesome space shoot-em-up has incredible action, ship powerups, a diversity of enemies, and more, including FM music and sound effects. Very nicely done, a recommended download.
MONOFULL.ZIP - Monospace Fullscreen Well, I don't know whether it was Gradius or some other reclusive genius (although I am leaning in favour of the former), but someone converted Monospace to display a full-screen game window. The resolution isn't any better; the original Monospace had a 320x200 game window in 640x480 screen mode, whereas Monofull has a 320x200 game window in a 320x200 screen mode. It's still the same game, but if you find the original Monospace too small, the get this file.
NFIRE.ZIP - Nitrofire FMX This is the beginnings of an excellent racing game. You can drive the 3D-rendered car around the track and off the screen, and it has moderate skid dynamics and fair sound effects. The graphics engine is so well-optimized that it reportedly runs too fast even on 386 machines.
RPG04.ZIP - TheRPG This very excellent RPG engine is incredibly similar to the engine in Final Fantasy III for the Super Nintendo. I dare say, had Gradius only had the chance to finish this, the outcome would have been undoubtably the best QuickBASIC-based game ever made. A recommended download.
STAR92.ZIP A simple space shooter with elementary graphics. You fly a rotating triangle around, and fire shots at floating squares, which become smaller on every hit. When you destroy the square entirely, the game points you to the next nearest square. I would speculate that if the Firestar programming group had not become disinterested in this game, they would have replaced the squares by some alien ships or asteroids or something, given you a nicely drawn ship, and maybe even added some dynamics, IE the rocks fly off when u hit them with a shot. If you are a fan of early 80s Atari consoles, then you'll probably want to download game.
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