Session Start: Mon Aug 24 19:39:06 1998
<Cosyc> hey
<Cosyc> i got linux installed
<Cosyc> and ppp working, and Bitchx
<Cosyc> :)
<Cosyc> how you been feel'n?
<Gradius> been feeling goo
<Gradius> good I mean
<Gradius> so come over
<Cosyc> hehe
<Cosyc> im trying
<Cosyc> too much stuff gettig in the way! :P
<Cosyc> does wednesday sound cool?
<Gradius> ya
<Gradius> what time?
<Cosyc> *hopefully* around noon
<Cosyc> vote fer me ;)
Session Close: Mon Aug 24 19:46:19 1998

Session Start: Tue Aug 25 20:37:30 1998
<Cosyc> milo!
<Cosyc> damnit
<Cosyc> i keep losing ure number
<Cosyc> 659-6091?
<Gradius> subtract 2 from the first digit
<Cosyc> 657?
<Gradius> Bill...the first digit
<Cosyc> i c
<Cosyc> :P
<Cosyc> i wasnt thinkin
<Cosyc> 459?
<Gradius> oops
<Gradius> you got 2 digits wrong
<Cosyc> cannot be completed as diled
<Gradius> 457-6091
<Cosyc> :P
<Gradius> aah that must be u ringing...brb phone
<Cosyc> lol
<Cosyc>  need work
<Cosyc>  looking for qbasic programmers
<Cosyc>  lol
<Cosyc>  i'm serious
<Cosyc>  have you heard of Systemhouse/MCI
<Cosyc>  nope
<Cosyc>  we're looking right now for qbasic programmers
<Cosyc>  how long you been programming in qbasic
<Cosyc>  1 yr
<Cosyc>  you working now
<Cosyc>  farming
<Cosyc>  hold
<Cosyc>  how old
<Cosyc>  17
<Cosyc>  interested in coming to halifax 
Session Close: Tue Aug 25 20:50:29 1998

Session Start: Fri Aug 28 19:51:44 1998
<Cosyc> hey..
<Gradius> hey Bill!
<Cosyc> How you feel'n after that therapy
<Cosyc> ?
<Gradius> I have a temperature.  If it's over 38 C I gotta see the doctor :P~\
Session Close: Fri Aug 28 20:08:55 1998

Session Start: Sat Aug 29 19:59:30 1998
<Cosyc> Im away: (2FOOD!) Pager: (2off) To page: /msg me !page. Gone: 12mins 43secs
<Cosyc> Im away: (2FOOD!) Pager: (2off) To page: /msg hummer^ !page. Gone: 12mins 43secs

Session Start: Sat Aug 29 19:59:30 1998
Session Ident: Gradius (
<Gradius> Bill
<Cosyc> hey
Session Close: Sat Aug 29 20:20:57 1998

Session Close: Sat Aug 29 20:20:58 1998

Session Start: Sat Aug 29 20:21:30 1998
Session Ident: Gradius (
<Gradius> hey Bill
<Cosyc> hey meelo
<Cosyc> :P
<Cosyc> whats up
<Gradius> I'm taking the day off...played about 6 hours of n64 today, took a nap and now I'm IRCing
<Cosyc> hehe
<Cosyc> day off from what?
<Gradius> from programming
<Cosyc> oh
<Cosyc> lol
<Cosyc> i consider programming a day off
<Cosyc> =)
<Gradius> oh.
<Cosyc> work = a day on
<Cosyc> ANYTHING oN COMPUTER = a day off
<Cosyc> :P
<Gradius> I consider that work.  Sleeping is a day off.
<Cosyc> haah
<Gradius> and you consider playing with turkeys work?
<Cosyc> no
<Cosyc> i dont live on a farm or anything
<Gradius> I'm kidding
<Cosyc> :P
Session Close: Sat Aug 29 20:39:06 1998

Session Start: Mon Aug 31 18:41:23 1998
<Cosyc> Saturday?
<Gradius> ya
<Gradius> this one
<Cosyc> what is today?
<Gradius> my mom said she can pick you up
<Cosyc> wait today is monday
<Cosyc> how about wednesday again?
<Cosyc> saturday is long way's away
<Cosyc> =P
<Gradius> well you can come during the week if you want.  Tomorrow, Wednesday or Friday.
<Cosyc> not tomorw, im busy
<Gradius> ok
Session Close: Mon Aug 31 18:46:11 1998

Session Start: Mon Aug 31 19:09:07 1998
<Cosyc> hey
<Cosyc> you coded anything lately?
Session Close: Mon Aug 31 19:09:56 1998

Session Start: Mon Aug 31 19:22:16 1998
Session Ident: Gradius (
<Gradius> yes
<Gradius> the sound effects program
<Cosyc> i c
<Gradius> it has edit/copy/paste functionsnow
<Cosyc> cool!
<Gradius> yup, I'd say the program is about 70% done now.
<Cosyc> whoa
<Cosyc> all that work
<Cosyc> and its only 70%
<Cosyc> he
<Cosyc> heh
<Cosyc> the 100% is going to be like another week!
<Gradius> like 3 
<Cosyc> 3 weeks?
Session Close: Mon Aug 31 19:25:14 1998

Session Start: Mon Aug 31 19:25:51 1998
Session Ident: Gradius (
<Gradius> I think so
<Gradius> Big programs drag on you know?
<Cosyc> hehe
<Cosyc> ye
<Cosyc> yea
<Cosyc> but how long have you done this one for so far?
<Gradius> 3 1/2 weeks
<Cosyc> ratio = wrong
<Cosyc> :P
<Cosyc> 3.5 = 70
<Cosyc> 30 = 3
<Cosyc> hehe
<Gradius> and then there's the factor of me being motivated to work on it.
<Gradius> :)
<Cosyc> hehe
<Cosyc> =)
<Cosyc> when i come over
<Cosyc> we work on THERPG2
<Gradius> ok
<Gradius> I have a colour monitor now
<Cosyc> you do!?
<Cosyc> oh
<Cosyc> i can give you my old mouse
<Cosyc> too
<Gradius> my brother gave me it.
<Cosyc> for free
<Gradius> ok sure I'll take a mouse!
<Cosyc> k
Session Close: Mon Aug 31 19:34:42 1998

Session Start: Tue Sep 01 23:15:59 1998
<Cosyc> so
<Cosyc> im prolly coming over tomorow... thats alright still?
<Gradius> ya
<Gradius> My nurse is also coming
<Gradius> to change the dressing on my central line, but I don't know when.
<Gradius> Come whenever is a good time for you.
<Cosyc> well.. im going to go shopping at walmart for school first...
<Gradius> ok
<Cosyc> so
<Cosyc> i will call you tomorow around noonish, 1:00..
<Gradius> ok neato
Session Close: Tue Sep 01 23:26:21 1998

Session Start: Wed Sep 02 20:59:56 1998
<Cosyc> hey
<Cosyc> you have any more games/progs/utilites or you can try and solve one of the problems on my hompage... and send it over.. :)
<Cosyc> Im udating on friday
<Cosyc> i hope
<Cosyc> and i want TONS of stuff to add
<Cosyc> email them
<Cosyc> my page is
<Cosyc> gotta go
<Cosyc> byte
Session Close: Wed Sep 02 21:03:15 1998

Session Start: Thu Sep 03 19:05:49 1998
<Cosyc> i Milo
<Cosyc> Sorry I couldnt make it... things came up
<Gradius> that's ok, I did't get home until 4:00 pm
Session Close: Thu Sep 03 19:31:53 1998