Welcome to my bookmarks file. It is updated every now and then with some links which I consider/have considered worthy of bookmarking. If you find any link which does not work, please let me know ASAP so I can remedy the problem by e-mailing me at logic@phayze.com. Thank you to the following people who have pointed out broken links:

Also, if there's a link you'd like to see here, then e-mail me with the name of the link, and I'll check out the site, and if it is truly worthy, you can expect to see it here within a day or so of sending your email. Thank you, and enjoy.

  1. The Cross-Platform Page
  2. Jolly Roger's Cookbook
  3. Programming Source (C)
  4. AltaVista Search: EFNet IRC Servers
  5. Star Trek Master Timeline
  6. Programming.Source.Sound
  7. Download area
  8. PARANOIDS Productions
  9. The Citadel
  10. How do they do that with HTML?
  11. Brendan's Amazing Anagram Generator
  12. Rhyming dictionary
  13. Periodic Table of Elements
  14. Fravia's page of reverse engineering
  15. Compu$erve Censored version of Fravia's Page of Reverse Engineering
  16. The Sex Life of an Electron
  17. The Electrical Engineering Purity Test Home Page
  18. Trip to the Dark Side: AOL WWW Browser
  19. AOL SUX Pyramid Home Page
  20. Ask the sveedish chef
  21. A Borg's worst nightmare
  22. Diary of an AOL user.
  23. Abe's Demoschool
  24. Wolfenstein 3D Source Code
  25. WWW Purity Test - 4.0W
  26. Purity Tests Collection
  27. Purity Test v7.0c - 2000 questions
  28. The All Basic Code Homepage
  29. Mike's Qbasic Page
  30. Sound Blaster 16 Programming Info
  31. Celebrity Addresses
  32. Ultimate IRC War Programs
  33. Acid Works Files
  34. Eggdrop Shells - $80/year
  35. Freedows 98 Homepage
  36. Game Genie codes for GameBoy
  37. End Of The World As The Media Reports It
  38. 3DS MAX USA
  39. AltaVista Simple Query +twelfth;planet +zecharia;sitchin
  40. Authoring with HTML, CGI, Java, Javascript, Graphics ...
  41. Cobra's MP3 site
  42. DBQC Quake Weapon Addons
  43. Demos
  44. Hacking Documents
  45. Ordering Information - ftp.cdrom.com
  46. SkyCriesX's page
  47. The Fast Graphics Site (FastVid)
  48. Warriors of Khor Official Homepage
  49. Welcome to RealMedia !
  50. #trax / EFNet - Unofficial site
  51. Five Musicians
  52. The MAZ Soundtools page
  53. Northcote Tip Music
  54. Druppy's page